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Reviews Celebrating Our Clinical Care & Patient Success

Joani J, Surgical 

The facility was extremely clean and inviting. All the staff, including cleaners and allied staff were very friendly and caring. My doctor whose name was Dr KAUR. Manage my pain very well and was always very cheerful and helpful. The physio department really help me with my rehabilitation exercises, the food was extremely tasty and of restaurant quality and always hot and a lot of variety. Overall, it was a very pleasant experience to stay there, and I think all the people involved for helping me make my stay a pleasant one.

Roblox – Surgical

Loved how they took care of my son when he needed his x-rays they were so kind and supportive to me and him recommended.

Robyn B 

As an outpatient to rehab for last 2 months i could not recommend this place highly enough! It’s amazing. The physio’s and reception staff are very professional and support each person with compassion and kindness. Yet, they know how to progress us on to another level at the right time.

After undergoing major orthopaedic surgery I was referred to The Melbourne Eastern Rehabilitation Hospital by Epworth Richmond. However, when I read the preponderance of negative reviews I had a sense of reluctance about agreeing to be referred there. After further discussion with Epworth staff I consented to being transferred there.

Upon admission, I was immediately impressed by the genuine welcome and the high level of both care and concern from the nursing staff. After carefully surveying the ward environment I was very impressed at the high level of cleanliness of the facility.

The next morning I was assessed by physiotherapy staff and an individualised rehabilitation program was devised. I was then examined by my treating rehabilitation consultant. His medical expertise and authentic empathy reassured me that my admission was going to be a positive experience.

As a retired registered nurse with 40 years experience it was a novel experience being a patient. The duration of my hospitalisation was about 50 days. Thus, my experience was long term increasing the validity of my observations and consequent conclusions.

1. The majority of nursing staff were professional, caring and attentive.
2. Likewise, medical staff were excellent in their approach to patient care.
3. Physiotherapy was conducted 7 days each week leading to significant improvement that assisted my recovery.
4. The quality and variety of the food and service was of a high standard.

Overall, my patient experience was positive and therapeutic in outcome. My sincere thanks and appreciation of the compassionate care of both clinical and ancillary staff of The Melbourne Eastern Private Hospital.

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