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Day Case

Booking into hospital
Your doctor or your doctor’s receptionist will advise us of the date of your admission to hospital and the proposed date of your operation/procedure.  There is some essential information that is required for your safety and for other functions of the hospital. This information is provided to us though the Pre-admission form, which is ideally provided a minimum of 3 days prior to your admission. We require you to complete a Pre-admission form to assist us in your admission process:

  • Call the Admission Office 3 days prior to your scheduled admission, on (03) 9720 3388, or ask the office for the Hospital Pre-admission Form.
  • Email, Fax, or Post Pre-admission form 3 days prior to admission
  • We also suggest you call your health fund to find out if you are fully covered for your admission and planned procedures, and to clarify any potential out of pocket expenses.

Completing the pre-admission for will reduce time for you on the day of your admission, and will also alert us to any specific medical needs you may have. 

A member of our Administration team will contact you prior to your admission date to confirm admission time and any expenses that are due & payable on admission.

Patients with Private Health Insurance may need to pay an excess or copayment/s on admission.  A health fund check will be done by our admission staff prior to your admission, however you are also encouraged to phone your health fund to clarify any out of pocket expenses.

Self-funded patients will be required to pay the estimated total cost of hospitalisation on admission.  In some circumstances you, may receive a further account after discharge in the mail.

Patients whose accounts are subject to “Third Party” or “Workers’ Compensation/T.A.C” claims must have verifiable evidence that liability has been accepted by the insurance company for their hospitalisation.
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